LTC Class
Lake Fork Firearms offers LTC (concealed/open carry license) classes.  These classes are offered by none other than Lance Vick, one of Lake Fork’s premier Bass Fishing Guides.  Classes are $80.00 (cash or check), and is the only place around that you can take the class and qualify indoors!  Classes begin promptly at 8:00am and you will have 4 hours of classroom time.  You will then begin your proficiency part (shooting)  You will need 50 rounds of ammo, your firearm, eyes and ear protection.  You may qualify with just about all handgun loads.  Exceptions include 22mag, 17hmr, 5.7 x 28.    You do not have to qualify with what you are going to carry, nor does it matter if it is a revolver or a semi-auto. Your qualify scores with be 175 out of 250 (50 x 5pts each).  You will take 20 shots at 3 yards, 20 at 7 yards, and 10 at 15 yards.
Check the dates and call 903-473-3780 for a reservation.
Basic Handgun Class

This class will cover how to safely and responsibly handle  firearms. It will be an introduction of different types of handguns and how they operate. It will also cover proper handgun maintenance, Texas Penal Code Sec. 9.31, 9.32, 9.41, 9.42, Texas penal code signs, Firearm Carry Act of 2021. Students will learn the fundamentals needed to group on target such as grip, trigger squeeze, sight alignment, sight picture, and proper follow through.

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